Basic Concert Etiquette

Bjork at Electric Picnic. Grand crowd – better performer

While most of my friends and people in my year spent the past two summers in the likes of Santa Ponsa and Magaluf, I spent mine in the likes of Stradbally and Marlay Park. While I probably saw the same amount of drunk people there as they did in Spain, I also got to see artists like Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith and most surprisingly, Wu-Tang Clan. While they were two amazing summers, there were many things that happened which were very annoying yet easily avoidable. Some people have absolutely no idea how to act at concerts. If you are one of those people, hopefully this post will help you to cop on.

I understand having a few drinks when you’re at a concert but there is no point in getting blind drunk when you’ve spent over forty euro just getting in. By all means, ruin it for yourself, but don’t ruin it for anyone else. But obviously, no one who went to Kasabian in Limerick agreed with me. Don’t get me wrong, Kasabian were great live but most of the crowd were far from it. I was constantly shoved around and was close to being knocked to the ground numerous times. On top of that, two guys twice my age and twice my height tried to get into a fight with me, a little seventeen year old girl, both during the gig and afterwards, because I told them to stop hitting into me. That experience really made me want to stop going to concerts for a long time, but of course I didn’t.

Being a 4′ 11” girl you’d expect me to be used to not being able to see much at concerts, and I am, but when you can only see the band you paid sixty five euro to see when you go to the back and jump, it’s pretty disheartening. When I first saw Arctic Monkeys live at Electric Picnic it was possibly one of the best experiences of my life, partially for other reasons that I won’t get into now, but the second time I saw them at Marlay Park it wasn’t half as good unfortunately. The day started out really good. The support acts were amazing, especially Miles Kane, but once Arctic Monkeys came on stage the crowd lost it in the worst way possible. Not being able to see them was one thing but when someone threw a lit cigarette at my face, I knew it was going to get worse. At least every thirty seconds a half empty pint was thrown across the crowd, what a waste. The worst thing that happened at that concert was actually something that I only heard about afterwards from a girl I know. Someone, somehow, snuck a glass bottle in and threw it at her friend. Needless to say she had to go to the hospital. I don’t think Alex Turner would approve of that.

I was probably at my happiest ever during the three days at Electric Picnic in 2013 so I could tolerate basically anything, even the people at Fatboy Slim. It was my first night there and one of the first acts I went to see so I didn’t know what to expect. However, I didn’t expect being punched twice full force into the face by a random guy who kept grapping on to my boyfriend. I also didn’t expect to have my wristband burned off by a strangers cigarette. If that happened to me at any other point I would have freaked out but I was too happy to care about anything bad that happened.

There are bound to be a handful of idiots at any given concert but I think I have seen a few of the worst. Bear in mind that this post is only about three concerts out of the past two years so this is only a taste of what I’ve put up with. Sometimes I think that I should just get really drunk so I wouldn’t get so annoyed but then I would be one of the annoying ones. That being said, I’ve seen some amazing artists live and I only regret going to see a couple of them. My boyfriend summed it up by saying “we’re not proper “rock fans”, we’re too nice”. So please, the next time you go to see anyone live, have some basic concert etiquette and try not annoy anyone.

Also, especially to anyone going to see Morrissey in Dublin next month, please don’t be annoying.