Staffies – Man’s Best Friend

Henry the Staffy
Henry the Staffy

My dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrior called Henry. Henry is eight years old and he has lived with my family for his entire life. We brought him home a week or two early because his parent’s owners knew that there were people who were looking to steal their puppies for fighting. Henry’s dad became a well-known fighter in the area and had to be put down recently due to injuries. When we brought Henry home we already had a Shih Tzu called Luke. They were best friends until Luke died last summer at the age of twelve. Henry enjoys sunbathing, belly rubs and rashers. While Henry doesn’t usually like having new dogs around, we have never really had any serious problems with him around other dogs, contrary to what people might believe. That’s because we raised him right.

Henry is the perfect example of a dog who narrowly escaped a life of fighting. Henry is also an example of how easy it is to find dogs, especially Staffies and Pitbulls, who are forced to fight in the local area and how easy it is for them to be forced into fighting. If we planned on bringing Henry home a week or two later than we did it is very likely that he would have been taken by some horrible people who would ruin his life for their own gain. Luckily, he didn’t have to endure that, yet many dogs do.

When Henry goes for a walk, whoever is walking him is bombarded with questions on him including, “Do you not put a muzzle on him?”“Do you fight him?” and “Is he for sale?”. The answer to all of them is no, because Henry is a safe dog to be around and dogs should not be forced to fight each other. Staffies are not something you should profit off of. They are not something that you should manipulate and torture for your own personal gain. Staffies and all other Pitbulls are not supposed to fight, they are forced to fight by awful people. They are not dangerous by nature, but some of their owners are.

Staffordshire Bull Terriors are originally from England. They were bred in the 19th Century and were very popular as family used them in order to protect the house and children while the parents weren’t home. They were so well behaved with children that the Staffies got the nickname “The Nanny Dog“. Their natural strength was only put to use when there was an intruder or a danger to the family. It was not used on the children or anyone else as Staffies have a strong sense of loyalty. This is still the case today, unless of course they have the wrong owner.

Staffordshire Bull Terriors, and all Pitbulls, make the perfect pet for anyone at any age including families, children and elderly people. They are amazing, cuddly and loyal dogs and suitable for basically anyone who is willing to take care of a dog. There is no need to be afraid of them once they have been raised properly. Staffies deserve more love and respect (and belly rubs) than they get because they’re softer than you think.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home – #softerthanyouthink

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