Everyone Needs to Stop Saying “Fuckboy”

Recently the term “fuckboy” has been thrown around a lot on the internet, especially by young girls. To them, the word basically means a man who is disrespectful to women, who aren’t interested in a real relationship and who only want sex. It is basically a negative word for a “lad”. According to this Tumblr post that’s been circling around online lately, a fuckboy is;

  • …a guy who tried to text a you even when he already has a girl…
  • …a guy who continues to hit on you even when you’ve said no…
  • …a guy who will disrespect you and try and get with you in the same breath…

It has become a very common phrase that everyone seems to use now, which is really sad to see. While it is important to call people out if they are being disrespectful to women, or being disrespectful to anyone, if you use the term “fuckboy” then you are being much more disrespectful than they are and I will tell you why.

If you say “fuckboy” you probably don’t know what it really means, or at least I hope you don’t. “Fuckboy” is a common term that is used in prisons. It sometimes refers to an inmate who is “gay for pay“, meaning that they trade “sex for food or other favours“.

However, more often than not it refers to a younger, weaker inmate who his passed around and raped by other inmates. Doesn’t seem like such a big joke now, does it? On top of this, these men are also often beaten, strangled and have their throats crushed so that they can’t alert any guards. In the case of Randy Payne, who was considered a “fuckboy”, he was attacked and raped by over twenty men just a week after entering a Texas prison and died a few days later due to his injuries at the age of twenty-three.

I have heard so many so-called ‘feminists’ say this word on a daily basis. Yet if you regularly call men “fuckboys” then you obviously are not someone who supports equal rights for all genders. I understand that most people who use this term don’t know what it actually means. That’s fair enough. However, if you continue to use it after finding out what it actually means then you’ll just come across as a rape-sympathiser.

This is not an uncommon term in prisons. This is not a new term in prisons. It has been around longer than most of these third wave ‘Tumblr feminists’ have been. So there is no excuse for using it.

If you use the term “fuckboy”, you are not an egalitarian. You are not a feminist. You are not standing up for women’s rights. You are simply appropriating rape culture.


3 thoughts on “Everyone Needs to Stop Saying “Fuckboy”

  1. Yes interesting. Language is dynamic and words and their meanings are constantly morphing. It is not a static thing. I can understand why women pick up on this word and are making it their own because in this patriarchal society the language reflects male power and womens’ dis-empowerment. There are a plethora of words to describe women negatively but not so men. So this particular word has been readily embraced.


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