English Without New Media

As of Tuesday, January 31st 2017 I could no longer have my ‘current city’ on Facebook as Manchester, United Kingdom. Well, I could, but it wouldn’t be very accurate.

I recently moved back to my hometown of Limerick after spending several months studying at the University of Salford as part of the Erasmus+ programme and let’s just say it hasn’t been easy being back. There are plenty of reasons why I want to go back but for now, I’m going to instead talk about the reasons why I wanted to go there in the first place.


I have almost three years of a BA degree in New Media and English under my belt after deciding years ago that I wanted to be a journalist or simply work in the media industry in one way or another. This is the same reason why I decided to go to Salford for my semester abroad. With one of their university buildings planted right in between BBC and ITV studios in Media City, Salford provides some of the best hands-on experience for media students. I couldn’t go wrong with my choice, or so I thought.

I couldn’t go wrong with my choice of university, or so I thought.

Only a month before making the move to England I discovered that due to the agreements between the two universities, I was only permitted to study English at the University of Salford and not media. There’s all of my experience in Media City out the window.

Nonetheless, I still managed to have an amazing time in Salford, even with my English modules. In a way, it did also lessen the blow of coming back to Limerick as I was excited to get back into the New Media part of my course, including Writing for New Media.

Writing for media is what I love to do and since taking a break from writing for two magazines after two years, I’m excited to finally have an excuse to get back into writing in this way again, even if it isn’t in Media City.


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